Meaningful Testimonials  

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Beverly Joukoff

Retired Mt. Diablo Teacher - Clayton, California

"Meaningful Teens trailblazing work with immigrants, and emerging English language learners of all ages is impressive. Making a difference in their community and on a national and global scale, founders Isabella, Aria Capelli, and Carolyn Considine’s goal for MT is to engage predominantly disadvantaged children, teens, and adults in order to break the cycle of deprivation"


Monica Valerian

Achieve Academy - Oakland, California

“I think this project is going to inspire other schools to initiate similar partnerships. Thank you, Meaningful Teens!"

"Just wanted to share that our class scored 75% proficient on our recent reading assessment! That is in contrast to 0% proficiency at the start of the years and the current organization-wide average of 30% proficiency in other Kindergarten classes. Thank you so much for all of the support you’ve provided for our kids! It is really making a difference!"


Lauren Forgrave

MT Texas Chapter Founder - Houston, Texas

“ Volunteering with Project Diversidad this summer inspired me to start the Texas Chapter. Each of my students made real progress this summer and it just became clear to me that this special program could help a lot of under-served kids in Texas. Like California, Texas has a very large immigrant population.  My hope is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of kids who are struggling to learn English or read..”


Catherine Bitwayiki

Crossover Community Development - Dayton, Ohio

“Our organization focuses on supporting new immigrants from the Congo, Ghana, and Uganda. Learning English is a critical step for these individuals, and unfortunately, there are never enough resources or support available. Meaningful Teens is making a difference in our community”