Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Project Speak Together

Project Speak Together is a conversational English program that offers an opportunity to work one-on-one with 7-13 year old Ukrainian students. 45 minute sessions are weekly and designed to be conversational to help the students practice English. Our goal is to create a fun and engaging learning experience to build conversational skills and create meaningful connections. We will provide you with all the material to teach. Bring a smile and a meaningful desire to support other kids as they learn English. Tutoring will take place from 9:00-9:45am PST on Saturdays

Project Ying Wen

Project Ying Wen strives to help young, elementary students from China learn English! Tutoring sessions will be on Saturdays, using WeChat, at a flexible time that works for you and the student whom you will be tutoring. High school volunteers are wanted and knowledge of any Chinese dialect is not required. Tutoring will be on Saturdays and Saturdays at 6:45-8pm pst.

Mercy Alliance

Unfortunately, this project is full and no longer accepting applications. Join the Mercy Alliance to help teach children living in low-income housing reading and comprehension. We will be working with the national non-profit organization Mercy Housing who has served over 150,000 low-income families, seniors, and people with special needs. Like Mercy Housing this program will strive to build a more humane world where poverty is alleviated, and all people are able to develop their full potential. The volunteer commitment will be once a week on Wednesdays from 4 pm to 5:15 pm PST.

Project Empower

Unfortunately, Project Allies is full and is no longer accepting applications. Come help young people face tough relational, educational and structural challenges with one to one literacy tutoring. Your support can shift the trajectory of their lives before they’ve even really begun. Our vision is simple. We want all youth to reach adulthood with the skills and support needed to achieve their goals and to contribute to a just and humane world. Tutoring will be from July 6 to August 21 at 10AM – 11AM PST Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Project Diversidad

Project Diversidad is looking for high school students to virtually read to underserved bilingual K-2 students in Oakland. Reading sessions will begin every Monday and Wednesday 5:00 pm - 6:00pm (PST) during the school year.

Project SAHA

Unfortunately, Project SAHA is full and no longer accepting applications. Project SAHA is a continuation of the first project we worked on. Meaningful Teens are looking for ELL instructors to teach English classes to seniors on Fridays at 3PM PST. Affordable and high-quality housing is a basic necessity that all individuals deserve, but there is more to living a fulfilling and enriching life than just having a roof over one’s head. Help these seniors and yourself to gain lifelong learning, outlets for creative expression, and opportunities for social connections are crucial for a thriving community.

Project Educación

Unfortunately, this project is full and no longer accepting applications. Project Educación will help Oakland grammar school and middle school students learn virtually with ELL and literacy education. Volunteering will take place on Fridays from 4 pm - 5:15 pm PST. This is a great way to help others and earn volunteer hours.

Project Peer Counseling

Unfortunately, this program is full and no longer accepting applications. We are seeking college students/high school seniors to peer counsel middle school/high school students with the goal of going to college. We are publishing guides to assist in course selections with a roadmap to job placement. You will be trained by our partner college counselors. Mentorship will be done Wednesday and Fridays 4-5PM PST. Training will be on the weekends.

Project Udaan

Project Udaan is a project that is striving to help underserved young girls in India. The word “Udaan” ( oo - ron) means “fly” in Hindi. In this project, we want to cultivate a passion for learning and help girls fly and reach their potential and dreams. We firmly believe that everyone has a right to an education and we are determined to overcome any obstacles to help these girls fly. This project takes place at 9:00 PM (PST) on Saturdays weekly. We really appreciate your help!

Project ELL Unitad

Our third project is to educate people from all over the world - including China, Brazil, Morocco, and Kenya. In this capacity, you would be paired with an adult in a foreign country who possesses limited English knowledge. Volunteers would be scheduled for 1.5-2 hours a week at a mutually agreeable time. Training and curriculum will be provided. If you are 18 and older you can volunteer. If you are under 16 or in middle school, you can volunteer in partnership with a parent. This project is available for the summer and year-round. It is both flexible and meaningful.

Project ENGin

Project ENGin is a peer-to-peer conversational English program that offers an opportunity to work one-on-one with 13 - 17 year olds in Ukraine. 45 minute to one hour sessions are weekly and designed to be conversational to help the students practice English. All volunteers can choose days and times that work best for their schedules. We have partnered with ENGin so Meaningful Teen applicants will fill out volunteer form (mention Meaningful Teens) and will be directly placed with a student. Volunteering time is flexible to your time needs.

Project Allies

Unfortunately, Project Allies is closed and no longer accepting applications. Project Allies is a program starting on July 2nd, meeting every Friday at 10AM PST. The program will match students and tutors based on their preferences and skill level. The main goal is to improve the conversational and reading comprehension skills of immigrants by providing them with a partner. Students will read articles and identify difficult words and sentences. The tutor and volunteer will discuss the article's topics and the challenges faced by the student while reading. Students range from 13-25 years old.