Virtual Volunteering


Our Virtual Volunteering curriculum is designed to connect an army of socially conscious teens with people in need across the country - and potentially even the globe! While meeting with someone in person is an ideal way to be of service, it is not always possible given a range of considerations - the demanding pace of high school, lack of necessary transportation, or additional family limitations. However, with Virtual Volunteering, teens are now able to volunteer their time directly from their own home. Moreover, teens now have a significantly larger footprint in regards to the number of people they can help - they are no longer confined by local geography. With Virtual Volunteering, a teen from San Francisco can help someone who currently lives in Los Angeles, Detroit, or even Banger, Maine!  Thanks to modern technology, we all now live in a global village. The purpose of Virtual Volunteering is to make sure ALL people in our global village receive the help they need.


Note that while teen volunteers are NOT paid for their time, they will receive community service credit based on the hours they devote to Virtual Volunteering.


How it Works

For those teens looking to volunteer: Here are the simple steps to begin helping others!

  1. Fill out the "I would like to volunteer"  Google Form

  2. Download and fill out PDFs linked at the end of Google Form

  3. Email the completed form to

  4. Wait to receive your first volunteer opportunity!


Q/A Summary

Q: How will I know when there is a match for virtual volunteering?

A: Once you have completed your application, we will keep your information on file and actively look for the best match with your skills. Once that occurs, we will send you an email notification asking you if you would like to take on this opportunity.


Q: How old do I need to be for virtual volunteering?

A: Teens need to be at least 14 years old to participate in this program


Q: What type of volunteer opportunities are available?

A: We source a wide range of volunteer opportunities that can be done online vs. face to face. Please see the our link for updated community needs, we are constantly updating this site with additional opportunities every day.


Q: How do I know that I’m safe in this process?

A: We do not release your email or other personal information, nor will that information be part of the volunteer process.