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Sunday Friends

The nonprofit is in San Jose (not in Contra Costa County) but it is a special one that meets on Sundays and has a direct touch to those in need. Sunday Friends was founded by Janis Baron, a mother of three and Silicon Valley engineer, in January of 1997. Concerned about the lack of awareness among high school students of different cultures, races and lifestyles, including her own young teens, Janis decided one Sunday to take her children to a family shelter. Despite twenty years of community volunteering, Janis was uncertain about how to help, so she began by having her children interact with the children in the shelter: playing games, drawing and reading.




Santee Elementary School, 1313 Audubon Drive, San Jose (2nd Sunday of the month), Meadows Elementary School, 1250 Taper Lane, San Jose (3rd Sunday of the month) Lowell Elementary School, 625 South 7th Street, San Jose (4th Sunday of the month. For November and December, it is on the 1st Sunday of the month).