The California Community College System’s Degree with a Guarantee is a great way to save money while completing the first two years of college. Follow the IGETC, and enter a teaching program after you have earned 60 credits. 

The IGETC is a series of courses that students who currently attend California community colleges should complete if they are interested in transferring to a California State University or UC.

A program that aims to develop successful teacher preparation programs by providing access to strategies, tools, and resources that will help students enter the field of education! Check out the map on the website to find a teacher preparation program near you.

It is imperative that you schedule an official meeting with a community college counselor PRIOR to selecting courses. 

Financial Aid can make community college nearly free. After two years, students can simply transfer to a traditional four-year college, where they will  go to class alongside the students who paid full price for four years.

Studying on the Grass


California State Universities offer an Integrated Teacher Education Program for entering freshmen who declare a LIBERAL STUDIES major on their CSU application. Future teachers in CSU's Integrated Teacher Education Programs begin their teacher preparation starting freshman year. This is the best way to be a teacher in 4 years!



If you want to teach in STEM, The CalTeach Credential Program provides special coursework and field experiences in K–12 schools while completing an undergraduate degree in four years. Non STEM teachers must earn a Baccalaureate degree, and complete a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program which could take 5 years or longer.