Meaningful Teen Leader Program: Teen Club

We are in need of teenagers to play key roles in our organization. This is an exciting opportunity to gain leadership experience and help make a difference in the world.


1. Attract five volunteers from your school to become part of your Teen Club

2. You can have more than one MT Leader at your school (with more than one MT Leader, you become an MT Team)

2. Train your volunteers how to teach the class with provided Meaningful Teen teaching material

3. Post on Meaningful Teens Instagram once a month about your volunteer activity

4. Send us a headshot of you with the name of your school, city, and state to be listed on our website as a leader or a team

5. secure a account to communicate with your volunteers.

Additional MT Opportunities

1. Organize one Meaningful Topic discussion during the school year over Zoom. Meaningful Teens can help with this process.

2.  Internship and leadership opportunity next summer

3. Fundraise at your school or local community for one repurposed Chromebook which is sent to an immigrant learning English

4. Contribute writing to the MT Newsletter

Meaningful Teen Leaders

Nikki Lee
Sir Francis Drake High School '22

San Anselmo


"Meaningful Teens has proven that a simple smile and cheers of encouragement can go a long way in helping others grow."

Karina Kadia
Bishop School '22

La Jolla


"I really enjoyed volunteering with MT because it gave me the opportunity to teach and inspire children to grow their knowledge and love for learning. It was a great opportunity for me to form relationships with my students and not only increase their understanding of the English language but also help me personally to develop and grow as a tutor. "

Kate Lafayette
Bentley School '22



"Meaningful Teens has helped me better myself and taught me so much, even while I was teaching others. It was a great opportunity to help me give back to my community, form relationships, and help these kids grow and flourish."

Amalie Getz
Head Royce School '21



"Meaningful Teens has given me the unique opportunity to connect with those in communities outside of my own, and has taught me invaluable and exciting lessons as I take part in the educational journey of young learners."

Isabel Ross
Head Royce School '21



"Guiding young people as they learn English has proved to be an extraordinarily rewarding experience and has taught me the valuable skill of connecting with others who have experiences and perspectives different from my own." 

Fareeha Ahmed
South Brunswick High School

New Jersey

"Working with Meaningful Teens to volunteer was a great opportunity for me. By volunteering with Meaningful Teens, I was able to work with kids and help them improve their English skills one step at a time. I was so happy to find volunteering projects that were well suited for me, and that I enjoyed doing."

Aidan Suyapto

La Salle High School



“By joining Meaningful Teens, I am able to give back to my community despite the current challenges of social distancing because we are all in this together and we need to remember to support each other. I was able to help others learn, create new friendships, as well as discover other cultures. Being an MT leader gives me the opportunity to share this experience with my peers and helps me to develop leadership skills.”

Sofia Cavicchia

Central High School '21



"My biggest passion is service. I believe the barriers of culture, distance, and language are never barriers at all. The only barrier is our way of thinking. Working with Meaningful Teens, I want to continue breaking down these imaginary barriers by doing meaningful service."

Sajda Adams

Central High School '21



"I want to help people find comfort in knowing what is going on in the world around them. I want to help them gain the tools they need. I want to inspire others as they inspire me."

Joann Zehenni

Marymount High School '22

Los Angeles


"Education is a fundamental building block for success. Meaningful Teens is a tool for young kids to have the opportunity to succeed. Through my time with the MT community, I have had the best time tutoring young kids and meeting new people every week. ​"

Nicole Mazaheri

Calabasas High School '22



"Volunteering with Meaningful Teens is truly an extraordinary experience. I am able to help students learn the fundamental skills of reading and speaking English, make new friends, and learn about so many different cultures. This has influenced me to start an MT Club at my school, and I hope to help make the world a better place one step at a time. ​"

Ashley McDonnell

San Ramon Valley High School '22



"Meaningful Teens provides an incredible opportunity to give back to others while developing friendships and providing kids with lifelong role models. I'm so grateful to be able to connect with kids who have different perspectives than me and so excited to watch them grow. ​"