Meaningful Teen Founders

Isabella Capelli Headshot.png

Isabella Capelli

Growing up in a multilingual family has fostered in me a love of different languages and cultures. I learned to translate for my grandparents at an early age, and have developed a great appreciation for the power of communication. Without communication, we can never understand the background and culture of others. I want to give others this same opportunity.

Carolyn Considine

 I believe that the world is truly a better, stronger place when people come together in unity.  Art and design are an integral part of my family's passion and culture, and hence, I have integrated visually stimulating and culturally significant art as teaching tools for emerging bilingual learners.  I want to provide volunteer opportunities to all my peers who share the same goal of enriching the lives of others.

Aria Capelli

I became a volunteer because I know the difficulty of being a student whose first language is not English. Growing up in a bilingual home, I’ve always listened to my mom’s childhood stories about struggling to learn English at a young age. Through Meaningful Teens, I am working to provide young students with the same opportunities in education that my mother and I were fortunate enough to have, so they can better realize their full potential.


Carter Considine

Learning to read is a fundamental right that opens many doors for people. Our students are constantly challenging themselves to become more successful with this important life skill. While I have always liked to help others, I am the one who is truly learning from this wonderful opportunity to engage and partner around the joy of reading. I believe this work is truly "meaningful" for everyone involved, especially me.