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Meaningful Teens Chapters

Meaningful Teens Texas


Lauren Forgrave

Presbyterian School Class of 2021

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My maternal ancestors came to America in the 1800s and didn't speak English. This was a big disadvantage for them. My hope is to create equity through literacy. My goal is to empower under-served kids, who might be struggling to read, by inspiring a love of reading and learning. Additionally, by teaching our kids to believe in themselves, we can fuel their confidence to work hard toward all their goals. My hope is that we lay the foundation for success in reading and success in life. Meaningful Teens Texas Chapter set a big goal of making the world a better place, one student at a time.

Meaningful Teens Long Island


Jacqueline Bodycomb

Sacred Heart Academy 2021

I grew up in an environment that encouraged helping others. I strongly believe education to be the best gift a person can receive. Through Meaningful Teens, I am able to help those who are less fortunate than me with only my time and energy. I think it is wonderful that this charitable organization is open to teenagers because I truly believe if everyone puts in the work we can change the world for the better.

Meaningful Teens Utah


Molly Mascardo

Meaningful Teens China