Culture Curriculum

Download and teach our World Culture Class
Our program, Arts, Culture, and Language Around the World, is a cultural tour curriculum to share with others and develop a better understanding of the people and the world around us. This twenty lesson curriculum can be shared with all ages. Download the google slides, talking points, and the audio files and take a journey with your students to a different country. This art cultural and language exposure will expand the mind and deepen the understanding of the world. You can teach this already assembled presentation anywhere from after school facilities to low-income senior housing. Most people in this world do not have the opportunity to travel to foreign lands and with our travel armchair curriculum, you can take your organization to 20 countries including Australia, Brazil, China, England, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Morocco.

What you will learn from downloading our teachable world culture class

By teaching this class to others, you will help bridge the world of understanding with different cultures. Our world today needs more people who empathize and relate. By learning about the cultures of others, people expand their own horizons of understanding and become closer.

Ideas of where to teach this curriculum

Senior centers, low-income housing, Boys and Girls Clubs, after school care facilities, interfaith housing childcare, ESL classrooms, special needs classrooms, just to name a few places.


Who can teach this curriculum?

Anyone! Just download the material and you can start the journey. Individuals or groups from Girl and Boy Scouts to school clubs or a group of friends, all who want to help other